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Have a Dragonfly Art Studio Art Party for your next birthday extravaganza!

Each party is typically 2-3 hours of fun and art. We make an art project that each child gets to bring home. You can choose what type of art you want to do and I will create a cool project according to the time and age range. It's a great way for the kids to do something creative and have a blast!

Birthday parties can be at Dragonfly Art Studio, at your house or at another location. Parents provide cake and decorations for all parties. Maximum 14 children. Price varies depending on the project, how many children and location. Reservations must be made at least 4 weeks in advance, 50% deposit required at booking, 50% at end of party.

Call us to reserve your special date. Let's party!

"Oceanna hosted a knitting party for my daughter's birthday. She created a relaxed, cozy space for the kids to gather. She had lots of great knitting ideas, but she also really listened to what each guest was interested in doing and then helped each girl conceive and complete her own unique project. The girls had such fun chatting while they stitched! They told funny stories and shared secrets and giggled and laughed. My daughter said it was the best birthday ever!!"


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